Basenotes Weekend Crossword #13 – Mega Version

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It is the weekend, so it is time for the Basenotes Fragrance Crossword. You possibly can obtain and print a pdf – it isn’t obtainable on-line this time as sadly it was too large. This one should final you till 2023, as it is the final crossword of the 12 months. Solutions in two weeks.



1. Festive scent
6. Festive scent
16. Perfumer, Roland
17. Very fairly perfume by Kingsbury
18. Bond No. 9 perfume
19. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer perfume smells of marine wind
20. Angel perfumer
21. Aldi perfume
22. Revlon flanker
26. Discontinued Males’s Faberge cologne
27. Cananga odorata. So good they named it twice
28. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scent impressed by Greek male nature spirit
29. Archaic title for floral bouquet
30. Penhaligon’s maintain altering her
32. Bottega Veneta scent
34. Hermes perfumer
35. What you would possibly say a few disgusting scent
37. Sergio Tacchini perfume
41. Ayala Moriel scent
42. Avon perfume
44. Armani perfume fronted by Beyonce
48. Bijan scent is what we’re product of
49. Guerlain basic
50. Calvin Klein seasonal flanker
52. Italian shoemaker
53. Mugler perfume
56. _____ Blends, incense maker
57. Calvin Klein perfume
59. _____ Parfums – perfume maker of Mont Blanc and Rochas
61. Founding father of L’Oreal
62. Taif of Thameen
63. Sarah Jessica Parker perfume saved secret
65. Britney Spears fragrance
68. Byredo scent
70. Firmenich agarwood ingredient
71. Rosie Jane fragrance
72. 1993 female scent by Italian model, with brand of a greyhound
73. Proad perfume is in inexperienced jail


1. Sort of musk
2. TerraNova scent
3. Parfums de Marly flanker
4. A Wing and a Prayer fragrance could get undesirable consideration
5. Pierre Balmain scent, which Tom Ford despatched up in smoke
7. Sylvaine Delacourte fragrance
8. San Francisco fragrance maker
9. Sixteen92 perfume can learn your thoughts
10. L’___ & La Matière – assortment by Guerlain
11. Dzintars and Sospiro fragrance
12. Givenchy scent
13. Albin du Roy fragrance
14. Bluehill Fragrances scent named after elite universities
15. Fragrance home based by Jane Hendler
21. La ___, Lauder skincare model
22. Combine Agent Provocatuer and Arianna Grande fragrances to make one by Louis Vuitton
23. J-Scent perfume
24. Tauer scent
25. O.P.S.O perfume
30. Remy Latour smokes these
31. Ajman perfume with no electrical cost
33. Hair care model with line of scents
36. Nostril behind a number of Jeffrey Dame fragrances
38. Adolfo Dominguez fragrance
39. Changeable Zoologist perfume
40. YSL basic
43. 1934 basic males’s scent
45. Italian dressmaker, identified for Vivara fragrance
46. Alain Delon fragrance that shuts down window
47. German cosmetics model
50. Vogue model behind Solar, Moon and Stars
51. Coty perfume
52. Fargginay scent impressed by widespread meat product
53. Parfums Classic scent impressed by Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte
54. Face of Ralph’s Membership and Kors Wonderlust
55. Ajne, SweDoft and Christian Breton fragrances inpsired by goddess of magnificence and love
58. Home named after a angel in Persian mythology
59. 1976 scent named after dancer
60. Knize quantity
64. Scent
65. An indirect Givenchy scent
66. Hermes perfumer
67. White Shoulders maker
69. Comme des Garçons scent


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Final week’s Resolution​

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