Oral Vs. Topical Collagen: Do You Get The Identical Advantages?

It’s no secret that collagen is a celebrated ingredient, important for sustaining a youthful-looking complexion. However as we age, we expertise a drop in collagen synthesis, resulting in the event of sagging pores and skin, advantageous traces and wrinkles. It’s no marvel collagen-boosting merchandise have change into all the craze. Right now, you could find collagen in each topical skincare and oral dietary supplements — however which is simpler?

We’ll deep dive into the variations between oral collagen dietary supplements and topical collagen in skincare, how topical peptides come into play, and what you possibly can anticipate from collagen skincare.

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Topical Collagen In Pores and skin Care: Does It Work?

Collagen is often termed as the skin’s mortar (fun fact: its name comes from the Greek word, “kolla,” meaning glue). This structural protein binds our cells and tissues together, helping them retain their strength and elasticity. Unfortunately, the synthesis of collagen diminishes over time, leading to the emergence of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This is where topical collagen steps in. 

You’ll find topical collagen in creams, serums and targeted treatments, aiming to improve skin elasticity and strength. Although collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, they do have water-binding properties. Dendy Engelman, M.D. states that topical collagen lotions undeniably “hydrate the pores and skin,” which in flip minimizes the look of advantageous traces and wrinkles. This hydration additionally leaves the pores and skin smoother and extra supple-looking.

For those who’re in search of an extra ingredient to work along with topical collagen, we advocate topical peptides. Let’s unpack this potent lively subsequent.

Can Topical Peptides Enhance The Pores and skin’s Look?

Because of their smaller molecular dimension, topical peptides are more easily absorbed than collagen molecules and help to visibly revitalize the skin’s appearance. Like collagen, peptides are a form of protein, albeit smaller versions of protein. When topical peptides reach the dermis, they provide the skin’s fibroblasts with the building blocks they need to produce new collagen. By bolstering the skin’s collagen levels, peptides can improve the look of skin elasticity to enhance skin texture and reduce the look of wrinkles. As a result, many skin care products add topical peptides into their formulas as well.

Our Product Support Team here at Eminence Organic Skin Care explains the role of peptides in skin care:

“A peptide is a molecule consisting of smaller chains of amino acids making them more easily absorbed by the skin. There are various benefits that peptides provide to visibly revitalize the skin and different peptides work on the skin in different ways. Some peptides trigger the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the structural proteins responsible for skin tone and texture. Increasing these proteins can give aging skin increased elasticity and suppleness.”

Now that we’ve explored both topical collagen and topical peptide options, a different approach you can take is oral collagen supplements. But do oral collagen supplements actually work?

Will Ingesting Oral Collagen Improve The Look Of Skin?

Oral collagen is another way to add this essential protein to your beauty routine. Liquid collagen is hydrolyzed — it’s been broken down into peptides that are small enough to be digested and absorbed. 

According to NCBI, “Oral consumption of collagen enhances the moisture content material of the pores and skin, particularly the stratum corundum, in addition to the elasticity of the pores and skin, decreasing wrinkling and roughness.” Past skincare, oral collagen dietary supplements are additionally helpful for hair, nails and joint well being. They promote wholesome digestion, train restoration and much more in your physique’s general wellness.

Now let’s debunk a standard fable! Oral collagen will not be a magic ingredient for quick outcomes. The outcomes from oral collagen take time and should differ by particular person. It’s greatest to speak to your doctor earlier than introducing collagen dietary supplements into your eating regimen.

Topical Collagen Vs Oral Collagen: What Specialists Say

What do the specialists say? Jeannette Graf, MD tells Byrdie that placing collagen in your pores and skin offers moisturizing advantages and makes the pores and skin really feel softer and smoother. Marie Hayag, MD, provides that it’s the intentional layering, or cocktailing, of components that work effectively collectively (e.g., topical collagen and topical peptides). 

Prevention Magazine makes the case for combining all three components collectively and integrating oral dietary supplements right into a skincare routine with topical collagen and peptides, saying: “It’s the mincing of collagen into very explicit small chains of amino acids and peptides that holds the key to youthful pores and skin.” Dermatologist Doris Day agrees, saying “dietary supplements are right here to remain” and that they’ve a particular place in a skincare routine, alongside a great eating regimen, solar safety and moisturizer. The New York Times additionally helps ingestible collagen, saying: “Research present that taking collagen dietary supplements for a number of months can enhance pores and skin elasticity (i.e., wrinkles and roughness) in addition to indicators of getting older.”

Combining Topical Collagen, Peptides & Oral Dietary supplements

The easiest way to enhance the appear and feel of your pores and skin could possibly be to mix all three sorts of collagen. Topical collagen, peptides and oral collagen usually work synergistically to assist the pores and skin’s well being. Whereas topical collagen offers extra quick skin-smoothing outcomes, topical peptides and oral collagen work additional time to enhance the look of elasticity within the pores and skin. The end result: A firmer, smoother, bouncier-looking complexion. 

Necessities For Wholesome-looking Pores and skin

Right here’s how one can incorporate topical collagen and topical peptides into your Eminence Organics skin care routine. 

Marine Flower Peptide Collection

The award-winning Marine Flower Peptide Collection includes products with both botanical peptides and collagen. Let’s explore how these products combine the two to support the look of your skin. 

The Marine Flower Peptide Serum, Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream and Marine Flower Peptide Lip Serum all contain botanical collagen with water-binding properties that hydrate the look of the skin as well as botanical peptides that improve the look of elasticity in the skin, resulting in visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream also include the Smart Collagen+ Complex, formulated with cruelty-free collagen, natural plant peptides and sustainably-sourced freshwater and saltwater algae. These advanced actives improve the appearance of the skin so that it looks significantly smoother, plumper and more youthful. 

All of the products in the Marine Flower Peptide Collection, including the Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream and Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate, include botanical peptides. These peptides improve the look of elasticity in the skin, resulting in visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Pro Tip: Add the Birch Water Purifying Essence to your routine for an added dose of botanical collagen. 

Both topical collagen and topical peptides have a place in your skin care routine. And oral collagen rounds them out. Together, these buzzy ingredients pack a powerful punch that leaves skin looking smoother and bouncier.

Other Natural Ways To Boost Collagen

Having explored the benefits of topical collagen, peptides, and oral supplements, let’s now delve into natural strategies to further enhance your skin care routine and effectively boost collagen production.

Balanced Diet and Hydration

Incorporate collagen-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, amino acids and antioxidants found in citrus fruits, leafy greens and lean proteins. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Hyderabad-based dermatologist Dr. Lakshmi Sowjanya shared, “You’ll be able to elevate your pores and skin’s resilience and youthful attract by adopting pure methods to reinforce collagen manufacturing.”

Common Train

Take into account participating in actions that stimulate blood circulate and oxygenation, selling collagen synthesis and pores and skin elasticity.

High quality Sleep

Prioritize restful sleep, as collagen manufacturing peaks throughout this era, aiding in pores and skin restore and regeneration.

Use Hyaluronic Acid

Use merchandise with hyaluronic acid to enhance the look of collagen within the pores and skin and preserve pores and skin suppleness. Its potential to retain moisture improves pores and skin texture and firmness, whereas additionally contributing to general pores and skin well being and a youthful look.

Solar Safety

Apply sunscreen day by day to protect pores and skin from UV harm and forestall collagen breakdown. Day by day sunscreen software is a significant step in preserving your pores and skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Are topical and oral collagen a part of your skincare routine? We’d love to listen to your ideas. Inform us what has labored for you within the feedback beneath.