Sana Jardin – the place jasmine turns to sunshine & hope…

Jasmine is on the coronary heart of the vast majority of Sana Jardin‘s scents, and fashioned a part of founder Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed‘s aromatic inspiration to launch the home. Right here, we take you thru the differing kinds jasmine takes inside every fragrance’s composition, and the way it will put on in your pores and skin….

As Amy defined to us, for her, the odor of jasmine is a scent reminiscence that can linger ceaselessly:


‘The scents I’d encountered on my travels over time had been enchanting to me: the pure and golden shimmer of orange blossom, the paranormal, enveloping depth of sandalwood, the seduction of jasmine blooming at evening. I felt I may by no means discover that captured wherever on a division retailer shelf.’

‘Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially aware luxurious perfume home created primarily as a automobile for social change and the financial empowerment of ladies by means of The Past Sustainability Motion ™. Sana Jardin believes within the sacred and historical energy of scent to heal, transport and encourage.’



You’ll be able to learn way more about Amy’s aromatic journey – and the way it all started – on our web page devoted to Sana Jardin. In the meantime, we invite you to embark by yourself scent journey as we uncover every of the Sana Jardin fragrances that utilise the gorgeousness of jasmine inside genius perfumer Carlos Benaïm‘s interpretations of Amy’s scent recollections.

For a fair richer scent expertise, why not deal with your self to a Sana Jardin Discovery Set and odor every perfume as you learn the descriptions, and discover how the observe of jasmine weaves so completely inside every fragrance? The set contains ALL the six fragrances we discover on this article, AND 4 of their different lovely assortment, comprising ten beautiful scents in all.



Sana Jardin Discovery Set: £30



Sana Jardin Savage Jasmine:

Prime notes: cloves

Coronary heart notes: jasmine

Base notes: musk, tabacco

They are saying: ‘Savage Jasmine captures the second when petals unfurl and unleash their unique, fragrance into the balmy evening air, midnight blooming Moroccan jasmine intertwined with intoxicating musk. A fragrance excessive so intoxicating, the senses are ceaselessly beguiled by the depth of depth and shimmering lightness. Guarantees of magic, thriller and ecstasy.’

We are saying: This can be a best-seller for a cause – the jasmine right here is completely enrapturing, an overtly female embrace that can encompass and defend you all day, like an invisible, but divine smelling protect of scent. Consider your favorite unique dream vacation spot to flee to, moonlight silvering crests of mellow waves; the air so thick with jasmine you can swim in that, as an alternative.



Sana Jardin Revolution de la Fleur:

Prime notes: jasmine, frangipani

Coronary heart notes: ylang ylang, rose

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood

They are saying: ‘Revolution de la Fleur is a sultry, sun-filled melody of Madagascan ylang ylang, Moroccan jasmine, frangipani, rose, vanilla and sandalwood floating on the humid, tropical air. An unique magnificence with a golden aura, sensuous presence and comfortable power.’

We are saying: Think about late summer season days slowly turning to autumn when what you actually want for is plunge into that first really sizzling day of the 12 months – an opulent melding of warmly tropical floral notes wherein the jasmine glitters as if borne on a balmy breeze. The vanilla and sandalwood give a way of sun-warmed pores and skin, the jasmine buoyant, blooming as moonlight beams.



Sana Jardin Jaipur Chant:

Prime notes: lemon, sfuma primofiore, clove leaf oil

Coronary heart notes: tuberose, jasmine, narcisse

Base notes: galaxolide, muscenone

They are saying: ‘Jaipur Chant is centred on the important oil of the tuberose flower. Tuberose is related to love, heightened sensitivity and intense feelings. On this scent, its results are amplified by enveloping Moroccan jasmine, narcisse and sensual musk, brightened with glowing Italian lemon, making for an arrestingly lovely and female bouquet.’

We are saying: For Jaipur Chant, the jasmine supplies a a narcotic enhance to the already sashaying sensuality of the tuberose and narcisse – a aromatic cloak that embraces all of the notes and pulls them collectively. Jasmine additionally helps bridge the floral bouquet and the photo voltaic, nearly effervescent musk because it warms.



Sana Jardin Nubian Musk:

Prime notes: rose, jasmine, grapefruit flower

Coronary heart notes: sandalwood

Base notes: musk, vanilla, vetiver

They are saying: ‘Nubian Musk is a sensuously inviting mix of musk and vanilla, rose, jasmine, Moroccan, grapefruit flower, Haitian vetiver and Australian sandalwood, with an innate enchantment for women and men. A seductive scent of pores and skin, amplified within the warmth of ardour, want and intimacy.’

We are saying: Jasmine is a crucial a part of the way in which Nubian Musk devlops on pores and skin – the jasmine here’s a type of scented cushion between the rose and the freshness of grapefruit flower, and the plumptious snuggle-me-closer notes of the woody, addictive base. An actual shape-shifter, this one, it glints and follows you all day.



Sana Jardin Vanilla Nomad:

Prime notes: coriander, cardamom, bergamot

Coronary heart notes: olibanum, benzoin, jasmine

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli

They are saying: ‘The Vanilla Nomad eau de parfum is a gourmand perfume that coaxes out the sensual aspect of vanilla, opening to a vivid burst of coriander and cardamom bouncing atop milky vanilla and sandalwood. There’s a sense of darkness across the edges of the perfume – smouldering with vetiver and patchouli – that caresses the creamy coronary heart notes with a wealthy, ambery resinoid, subverting the sweetness with a compelling depth and sensuality.’

We are saying: ‘Jasmine and vanilla actually needs to be one of the crucial fabulous aromatic combos, particularly when Vanilla Nomad is so splendidly distinctive. Inside the dusky, radiant warmth shimmer of Vanilla Nomad, the jasmine seems like a glint of reflection inside an unlimited, arid panorama. Drily simmering, but sensually silky through sandalwood, jasmine slinks by means of the composition.



Sana Jardin Celestial Patchouli:

Prime notes: rose, jasmine, osmanthus, orris

Coronary heart notes: cinnamon, sandalwood

Base notes: patchouli, leather-based

They are saying: ‘Celestial Patchouli is an intense and wealthy perfume. The earthy, unique aromas of patchouli, leather-based, cinnamon bark and Australian Sandalwood give technique to the ample heat of rose, jasmine, osmanthus, and Moroccan orris. Sensory gold for international treasure seekers.’

We are saying: Inside Celestial Patchouli, the jasmine provides a gilded gleam of daylight, the sense of clouds parting momentarily and shafts of sunbeams awakening the senses, dazzling the loamy earth. Providing a brighter distinction to the deeper notes, it’s an ideal steadiness for the mix.


Written by Suzy Nightingale