Unwind Your Fascia and Regain Motion with Flossing

Fascia flossing

Immediately Brooke Taylor is on the weblog, together with Katie Mrazek to speak all about flossing. And as you most likely guessed, this publish shouldn’t be about flossing your enamel.

Fascia flossing. Of their publish you’re going to be taught all about Brooke’s expertise with flossing, the advantages, how & why you need to get began, & Brooke even put collectively the most effective q&a with Kaita to reply your questions.

When you’ve got but to satisfy Brooke, she is the founding father of The Street in Austin, the place Lauryn frequents for facial acupuncture & sound therapeutic. Brooke is magic and we’re so joyful she’s again on the weblog to introduce us all to Kaita & fascia flossing.

Let’s get into it.

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Fascia Flossing: Unwind Your Fascia and Regain Motion with Flossing


At my acupuncture follow The Road in Austin, Texas, I (selfishly?!) increase providers round remedies proven to assist me age nicely, all whereas holding issues by the lense of Chinese language drugs. I discover if I follow this mannequin, the modalities assist the vast majority of my sufferers in all levels of life. A number of us spend our days sitting at a desk, creating tight hips, weak abs, rounded-in shoulders; we expertise strained jaws from stress and clenching, have stiffness, tech neck, previous accidents with scar tissue and adhesions, complications, poor sleep. We complain of dehydration regardless that we’re guzzling water.  

Lately, I grew to become occupied with how the fascia system impacts day-to-day life, getting old nicely, and mobility.

Studying Quench by Dana Cohen MD, Gina Bria) final yr highlighted its significance in hydration of tissues. Contemplating acupuncture makes use of the system of fascia to speak as nicely, it appears essential to maintain this method optimized.

Fascia covers each organ and all kinds of tissue within the physique, head to toe (extra on this in a minute) – and it’s all related, holding our organs in place and permitting us to face up straight. Greater than this, fascia was comparatively not too long ago found to behave as a superhighway for each digital indicators (piezoelectric) and fluids, like a backyard hose that drips vitamins to the physique. Over time, fascia will get certain up from issues like sitting, repetitive movement, poor physique mechanics, damage or sickness, even being pregnant/childbirth. We really feel this binding in our our bodies as restricted mobility, aches and pains, and apparently, with ‘caught’ feelings. 

Brooke Taylor

With elevated consciousness of how fascia features and its significance (it has come a good distance from the times of being actually discarded), there are actually specialists who work with this tissue that can assist you ease ache and regain fluid motion. Enter ‘flossing.’ 

My private expertise with ‘flosser’ Kaita Mrazek started with a one-on-one desk session to discover the sensations and approach.

I simply turned 58. I principally sit for my job, and positively really feel ‘caught’ – stiff, rigid, and weaker than years prior. Ouch. I used to be eager to see if she may create a shift with out me feeling overwhelmed or so sore I’d procrastinate going once more.

Kaita is a petite however highly effective dancer, yogi and pilates teacher who has the open, welcoming vibe of somebody who walks the stroll with out making you are feeling such as you missed the bus. For my session, she has me lie on a therapeutic massage desk outfitted with a few straps so you’ll be able to apply resistance with out your limbs flailing round. After somewhat handbook evaluation, she begins the work of maneuvering limbs, sussing out the place they want ‘exfoliation.’ To borrow a time period from Chinese language drugs, in search of the place there isn’t any ‘move.’

The following actions give attention to increasing the fascia across the muscle – Kaita guides you to have interaction your muscle tissues to use stress as you progress back and forth along with her help. It’s bizarre that I’m nearly immediately trembling with some strikes – wow is that muscle weak! My thoughts is reeling, how did I get like this? (um, sitting?) She continues guiding the supported strikes, adjusting angles right here and there, till she assesses that there’s the free move she’s in search of with out exhausting the muscle. She strikes on, flossing from toe to go, limbs and joints.

The method might be intense – it’s not passive. I’m sweating however it is rather doable, even for somebody as stiff and out of form as I’m.

I didn’t all the time really feel what she described discovering in my first session – ‘oh this channel is tight, that is juicy,’ and so forth. However I positively seen it once I acquired off the desk. I felt taller, lighter … fluffier, my ankle/foot was resting on the ground totally in another way – like its extra elevated youthful self.

I felt superb! 

The subsequent day, I felt somewhat like I had used each machine in a health club, discovering all of the bits I haven’t utilized in years and giving them somewhat go. I rang her as much as say, ‘this feels so superb, I wish to construct on this, so what’s subsequent?’ Day two post-flossing, I felt extra soreness. However that actual correct amount the place you are feeling such as you’ve executed one thing productive and are excited for extra. My physique feels woke up, alive, fired up! 

She advisable yet one more one-on-one for me, then we started our group flooring work the following week. Quickly I began to floss at residence. It will probably really feel fairly awkward at first. These will not be strikes I’ve executed earlier than – it’s a must to give attention to how the muscle is engaged. However with time, you begin to get hold of the sensations you now know will floss the fascia, and go along with it. She did point out flossing can uncover the place we’ve been compensating, so to pay attention to new ‘weak point’ that exhibits itself. 

Probably the most thrilling half for me of flossing our Abdomen/Spleen within the Earth meridian collection is how it’s affecting my tight jaw publish surgical procedure. With no direct manipulation of the jaw, the flossing on this meridian all through the decrease physique and stomach considerably launched pressure in my TMJ. Kaita repeated the ground collection for a earlier than and after of her personal face (see the post on Instagram), and the variations are a visual launch of pressure, a leisure of the attention space, and a glow. I’m trying ahead to exploring all of the channels in future floss classes.

Let’s discuss to Kaita to find the thin on flossing. 

Brooke Taylor: Hello Kaita! I’m loving all issues flossing, so let’s dive in! Are you able to inform us, what’s our fashionable understanding of fascia?

Katie Mrazek: Ooh sure! Fascia is absolutely having a second proper now. There are all types of particular instruments being marketed to assist your fascia. Foam rollers have been a number of the first on the scene. And now we’ve acquired fascia blasters and set off level stuff galore.

In my very own understanding of fascia, some of the helpful issues to grasp is that it’s a ubiquitous substance in your physique that gives interconnected, dynamic construction. It’s so pervasive that if you happen to eliminated all your extra elements—your bones, organs, muscle tissues, and so forth. and simply left your fascia, you’d be left with a ghost-like however nonetheless recognizable you! As you fashioned within the womb, the fascia offered scaffolding on your cells to arrange and fill in. It’s made up of principally collagen, which implies that it’s a conductor.

My academics have theorized that fascia is definitely the best way that qi travels all through your physique. When it’s collected, it may be tremendous robust—like your IT bands. When it’s it skinny, it may be fairly elastic and pliable. It assumes completely different varieties for various functions all through your physique. I like to have a look at an orange for instance of fascia. The thick peel is collected fascia, however is similar substance because the pith—the connective tissue of the orange. When taking a look at an orange you’ll be able to see how the white pith organizes the fruit into sections, and throughout the sections there are smaller sections. It’s also possible to see the number of functions for the substance: as a protecting outer layer, to create segments, and to seal the inside sections in order that they keep juicy. Our fascia is kind of much like this in some ways!

Fascia flossing benefits how to start fascia flossing

BT: The place does the time period ‘flossing’ come from, and why does our fascia want this work? Flossing is a time period coined by my pal and collaborator, Bon Crotzer. After experiencing the work, and the way it transforms fascia, your physique actually does really feel flossed—as if the junk is eliminated, and issues are squeaky clear. 

KM: Your fascia might be modified, however not by the identical strategies that we use to situation our muscle tissues. Some individuals really feel a shift by modalities like deep tissue therapeutic massage or Rolfing. These might be highly effective strategies, however they’re restricted as a result of they will solely handle the superficial fascia—the stuff we are able to get to from the surface. Do not forget that fascia is so ubiquitous that it’s even offering construction on your organs. Think about you probably have a surgical procedure, and you’ve got deep layers of scar tissue. A method like flossing makes it doable to get to the deeper stuff.  When flossing, you have interaction your muscle tissues when you elongate them. This tugs on the fascia in a method that reconfigures it, rehydrating it, and thinning it out the place it has collected unnecessarily. It results in a extra lasting shift in your physique. 

BT: From remark, it seems to be like stretching – how does flossing profit fascia in another way than stretching? And even muscle constructing like lunges? 

KM: The important thing distinction between standard stretching and flossing is that we have interaction the muscle tissues and keep engaged whereas we elongate them. To me, probably the most interesting factor (to my doing-lots-of-things-is-good thoughts) is that fascia is a multipurpose motion—which means that it’s one factor we are able to do with a number of advantages. Busy of us won’t really feel they’ve time to coach flexibility, have one other session for energy constructing, one other for physique consciousness, and so forth. However flossing is like the whole lot all rolled into one. As a result of we’re participating our muscle tissues whereas elongating, we’re conditioning the muscle tissues themselves, like in energy coaching. We’re additionally defending our joints, whereas reconfiguring our fascia which is usually the precise perpetrator in our mobility points. 

BT: How did flossing enter your world of pilates and yoga, and the way do you synthesize it into your different modalities for max profit?

KM: Oh sheesh…this modality stored discovering me! My motion id is as a dancer first. And I’m additionally an authorized Pilates trainer, Yoga trainer, and also have a couple private coach certs beneath my belt. I had been educating motion for a number of years earlier than I used to be first launched to resistance flexibility in Santa Barbara, by Yoga Soup, the studio the place I nonetheless educate. 

I educated within the first stage of the Genius of Flexibility, began by a person named Bob Cooley. He linked this kind of stretching to the meridians of Chinese language drugs.

I wasn’t fairly able to take the leap into making use of it to my very own educating. However I continued exploring it in my very own physique and spending all of my free time getting a really feel for it by aiding stretchers in Cooley’s technique. Then I discovered Stretch to Win—Frederick Stretch Remedy, which is a paradigm that organizes the physique into what they name the “fascial nets”—fascial pathways within the physique that present organizational construction.

The nets align properly with the meridians of TCM.

I’ve gone by two ranges of their coaching the place I discovered higher physique mechanics for my strategies. And extra concerning the anatomy and biomechanics alongside the fascial pathways. However I feel I really embraced this modality and integrated it into my educating, once I co-founded an activewear model, Ghost Flower, impressed by TCM. Bon and I taught motion lessons targeted on self-flossing and acupressure. I prefer to assume that we drew inspiration from each other and the varied motion practices we had each already educated in.

At the moment, I acquired actually into the 5 Parts and utilized the theories to motion. I discovered to narrate to the knowledge of Chinese language drugs—a drugs that had beforehand been fairly opaque and esoteric for me. It helped that our advisor was Dr. Dan Keown, an excellent writer and physician. I may ask him questions that appeared actually primary, and he was capable of hyperlink the bodily physique processes to the energetic descriptions I examine in Chinese language drugs.

What I like most about flossing is that after you get it, you see how instinctive and pure it’s. Watch any animal and also you’ll see them have interaction their muscle tissues earlier than stretching. Watch previous footage of Joseph Pilates or well-known yogis and they’re doing the identical factor. Pilates is particularly enjoyable as a result of you should utilize the springs to create the resistance. If I’m in a yoga class, I’m all the time secretly flossing my method by the strikes. As a result of it simply feels higher for my physique. 

BT: I used to be immediately drawn to what you do since you incorporate a deep understanding of the meridians in response to Chinese language drugs. You amaze me together with your perception, from the energetics and pathways of the traces, their objective, and even feelings related to these meridians. I’d love to listen to the way you got here to check the channels on your follow, and the way this informs your fashion of flossing. 

KM: Aww thanks! I’m blushing, particularly as a result of YOU are a wealth of knowledge!! I feel that I be taught finest by following the pursuits of my very own therapeutic journey. I’ve all the time recognized as an emotional sort of particular person, who reads the room primarily based across the feelings I really feel from others. So I related with the emotional resonances of the meridians most as I used to be studying about Chinese language drugs.

The 5 Parts made plenty of sense to me as a result of they pair the meridians into yin/yang and categorize all types of persona traits to 5 major “sorts”. Much like studying about your horoscope, I began figuring out personalities and kinds described by the weather. I’m additionally very kinesthetic, so I discovered so much concerning the energetics of a meridian by my very own flossing experiments.

I nonetheless bear in mind flossing my quads (abdomen meridian) and fairly rapidly skilled that I used to be extra current, capable of talk and hearken to others. I checked in with my TCM pal, who validated that these are qualities related to the spleen/pancreas (which balances the abdomen meridian). It was such a palpable second that I began nerding-out on what occurred once I would floss a selected meridian. I extremely suggest holding somewhat journal of notes on your personal follow. My fashion of educating makes an attempt to create a container for college students to discover and add their very own private prospers primarily based on what they uncover. My request is to be keen to have interaction with the method, be inquisitive about what you uncover, even when it’s a bit uncomfortable, and grow to be extra discerning about what actually nourishes your physique, thoughts, and spirit. 

woman leg muscles

BT: How would you see somebody’s flossing efforts contributing to their anti-aging efforts for his or her pores and skin/look? 

KM: As a result of our fascia is sort of a super-intricate wetsuit, as we floss and convey extra stability to our kind general, we can have extra stability in our physique general. Think about your wetsuit has somewhat snag in it—that snag goes to tug the whole lot no less than a bit out of stability. Flossing can deliver stability to our complete construction offering the house for our organs to work optimally—this typically results in higher digestion and thus more healthy pores and skin, and that radiance from inside.

Stability additionally removes pressure from locations like our forehead and jaw. For instance, for my purchasers with TMJ, I’ll usually work on their quads first—the massive muscle group which is alongside the meridian that impacts the jaw, and we see their face change. It’s superb! One other scorching subject currently is the lymphatic system, which flossing is tremendous supportive for too. The fascia gives the construction for the lymph. So transferring our muscle tissues and fascia squeezes the lymphatic vessels in a method that promotes motion of the lymph. 

BT: How do you transition from doing 1:1 to the ground classes? Do I must be a professional to be in a gaggle? 

KM: You do NOT must be a professional to be within the group! However it can be crucial that you just perceive the idea of flossing earlier than leaping into a category. It will probably really feel like the alternative of what you’ve discovered about stretching whenever you start. So it’s essential to offer your self sufficient time and house to really feel what it’s prefer to floss. One essential factor to recollect is that additional shouldn’t be essentially higher. Additionally, you’ll really feel a distinct sensation than you is perhaps used to feeling from conventional stretching. So it’s essential to construct new associations. Usually one to 2 1:1 classes is sufficient to get you in control.

BT: Are you able to floss with accidents? 

KM: Hmm…I feel that is determined by the damage. Sure to some accidents. In case you’re in an acute section of your damage, I’d simply relaxation and get to it whenever you’re extra healed. And all the time seek the advice of your healthcare skilled first!

For some accidents which are associated to strained muscle tissues, or your physique out of stability, some targeted flossing might be tremendous useful. When my neck has gone out, or my shoulder feels janky, I personally flip to flossing. Flossing can also be actually useful for recovering mobility and breaking apart cussed scar tissue after you’ve been cleared to train following a surgical procedure or damage. 

BT: What about postpartum – is that this good for ladies? 

KM: This may be tremendous useful postpartum! Once more, you should just remember to’re able to get again to train. After my daughter was born, I used to be chomping on the bit to get transferring once more. And truthfully, I most likely ought to have given myself extra time to simply relaxation and be a mother. I feel it’s essential to acknowledge the stress girls really feel to “get their physique again” after having a child (or some variation of expectation like that). I feel that mode must be challenged. Your physique has plenty of therapeutic knowledge that’s inherent, and it’s so highly effective to follow doing much less. 

That stated, when the time is correct, flossing is a potent and fab solution to deliver stability again to your physique. Particularly for the essential activation and help of your pelvic flooring and deep stomach muscle tissues. 

BT: How do males profit from flossing?

KM: Identical to girls profit from flossing! Haha! Okay, I’ll attempt to reply this by contemplating what frequent points that I see males for. Posture is a giant one—tight hips and again—particularly males who’re athletes or former athletes. They know they’re tight however don’t prefer to stretch.

Flossing is a multipurpose motion, to allow them to really feel robust and lively whereas additionally addressing flexibility. I’ve labored with plenty of golfers, and the distinction they really feel of their hips and shoulders after one floss session is fairly cool. I like getting the textual content about how they performed their finest recreation ever after our session. 

BT: Any contraindications?

KM: Use warning whereas pregnant. In case you’re on any drugs that may injury your tendons, and you probably have any fractures. 

BT: How do I get began? 

KM: Austin locals can e book at 1:1 session with me at The Street! In case you’re not native, I educate reside digital lessons hosted by my web site, and have a handful of movies on demand so that you can pattern too. 

Thanks Kaita!

See you at The Street! 

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*Flossing at The Street by appointment Monday and Friday and by particular request. Keep tuned for the following spherical of small group flooring classes, and check out your one-on-one within the meantime.


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