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Say hi there to your new mineral bff, magnesium. Magnesium is the seventh most plentiful component within the Earth’s crust. But, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) estimates that “over 80% of Individuals devour lower than the requirement.” And in terms of our well being, many ladies aren’t assembly their really helpful quantity of magnesium by means of meals alone. The outcome? On condition that the magnesium advantages for girls embrace every little thing from muscle and nerve perform to power manufacturing and digestion, lacking out on this key mineral is lower than excellent.

As well being and wellness proceed to achieve traction in our world, magnesium has grow to be a significant speaking level within the girls’s well being dialog. Magnesium is required for the functioning of over 300 essential metabolic reactions. Regardless of this, it stays probably the most ignored causes of assorted illnesses. Many nutritionists and well being consultants alike are starting to pay extra consideration to this mighty mineral. Why? As a result of it could be a key strategy to stop signs of sure circumstances that may negatively impact girls.

To get the inside track on this complement, we appeared to 2 licensed nutritionists with heaps of data on the ins and outs of magnesium. Vitamin advisor Edie Horstman and board-certified nutritionist Mia Rigden each present helpful perception on learn how to up your magnesium consumption and the numerous ways in which doing so can enhance your life.

Featured Picture by Michelle Nash.

Picture by Michelle Nash

Magnesium Benefits for Women

Magnesium is a diverse element that has shown positive effects in women who consume the proper amount. In the form of a supplement, magnesium can be taken OTC to boost many areas of health and wellness. Some of the most tricky, yet important areas of women’s health that magnesium can help are balancing hormones, sleep, mood, digestion, and PMS symptoms.

Magnesium can also be found in many everyday foods. If you (like most people) find that you need a boost, read on for the different ways magnesium can be a game changer for women.

As always, be sure to consult with your primary care physician before changing up your supplements. You can overdo it with magnesium. Read here and here for more information on learn how to maintain your minerals balanced.


Magnesium helps make the hormones progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, says Horstman. She additionally notes that magnesium balances blood sugar, which is essential for wholesome hormones. (Psst… as a result of balancing blood sugar is such a key a part of attaining optimum well being, we did a deep dive into the subject. Get every little thing it is advisable to know right here—plus a meal plan to get you began.)


Talking of sleep, in case your anxious ideas are preserving you up at night time, magnesium can assist with that, too. Magnesium naturally helps muscle rest whereas additionally calming the thoughts. Rigden, says that though it has quite a few advantages, magnesium is primarily identified for serving to us loosen up. In case your muscle tissue are tense, your digestion is just not shifting, or your ideas are overwhelming, magnesium might deliver reduction.

Temper Booster

Magnesium performs an enormous function in your mind perform and temper and has long been used to treat depression. The next magnesium consumption is linked to decreased signs of melancholy and improved psychological well being. It additionally helps assist adrenal well being, reducing your threat of burnout. Horstman additionally says that by way of temper, magnesium is named the unique “chill capsule”—it will possibly scale back adrenaline and cortisol. As a chilled hormone, magnesium helps to cut back over-reactivity in your Hypothalamus (a part of the mind that retains us balanced / in homeostasis), serving to to control our stress response. 

Digestion Help

Struggling to be *ahem* common? Magnesium may also be used to assist promote common bowel actions. It acts as a laxative, drawing water into your intestines and stimulating the motion of meals by means of your digestive tract. My favourite magnesium complement for digestion is Pure Calm.


There’s motive you crave chocolate if you’re in your interval. Excessive in magnesium, chocolate is your physique asking for a lift in balancing your temper, supporting restful sleep, and decreasing aches and ache. Research have proven that growing magnesium consumption every week earlier than your interval can drastically scale back PMS signs. And I can attest to that! Magnesium is considered one of my favourite pure methods to maintain cramps at bay.

Picture by Michelle Nash

Magnesium Meals Sources

Magnesium is named the “invisible deficiency” and the “shortfall nutrient, says Horstman. Rigden additionally says that magnesium might be discovered within the meals we devour every day, however ranges have decreased on account of fashionable farming practices, an general decline in soil well being, and processed meals consumption. This makes it arduous to utterly meet the really helpful consumption by means of meals alone. Horstman notes that one of the best ways to take care of wholesome magnesium ranges is thru meals AND dietary supplements, particularly high-fiber meals like darkish leafy greens, unrefined grains, and beans.

  • Spinach
  • Bananas
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Black Beans
  • Seaweed
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Avocado
  • Legumes
  • Complete Grains
  • Darkish Chocolate
Picture by Michelle Nash

The Finest Magnesium Dietary supplements for Ladies

To hunt out the perfect dietary supplements, our nutritionists shared with us a few of their favorites to maintain your consumption on par. Horstman says by way of RDA of magnesium, females over 31 want 320 mg/day. Pregnant and breastfeeding girls require extra magnesium. Scroll by means of their really helpful dietary supplements and join together with your physician to debate which possibility may be best for you.

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